Oct 14 – Nov 25: Our Animal Body by Marisa Grande


Friday Oct 14 – Nov 25: 18.00 – 21.00 0’clock – open level

Our Animal Body consists of a series of classes on Developmental Patterns from animal to human. A context to learn through experience about the evolving patterns and their own intelligence. A way to explore and become aware of our physicality and the underlying patterns.

In this new block of classes, we will begin to address and explore human developmental patterns: embodying the stages of development from a newborn baby to infant motoric development. The previous animal stages of development will be integrated through hands-on practices and movement quality.

These series of classes are open to all levels.
Are you open to a deep and light exploration of your animal body?
Are you curious to travel into your body to meet your patterns activating a process of re-patterning?

Marisa Grande is a certified Somatic Movement Educator in BodyMindCentering.


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