March 3 – April 14: Our Animal Body by Marisa Grande


Friday March 3 – April 14: 18.00 – 21.00 0’clock – open level

Our Animal Body consists of a series of classes on Developmental Patterns from animal to human. A context to learn through experience about the evolving patterns and their own intelligence. A way to explore and become aware of our physicality and the underlying patterns.

In this Spring Series we will dive into human developmental patterns. From the pre-spinal vertical axes to the spinal bony structure and its movement patterns, which brought our body into stages of development from the ground to standing and walking.
We will explore the torso as a full presence and support for being and reaching out into space, meeting the mind behind every pattern and integrating them into our movement articulation of our dancing body.

These series of classes are open to all levels.
Are you open to a deep and light exploration of your animal body?
Are you curious to travel into your body to meet your patterns activating a process of re-patterning?

Marisa Grande is a certified Somatic Movement Educator in BodyMindCentering.

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