June 23: Intro Workshop 4


– Pivotal for this training is movement research, exploring sensorial perception, self development and applied somatics in performance.
– The Embodied life art program is an uncovering process unlike mainstream dance practices.
– The weight of this program is given to the ‘performative practice’ in relation to improvisation as instant composition.
– The pedagogical approach is facilitating a context for students to be autonomous and own their own process.
– This programme is a lens through which to look at one’s growth, the dance practice is used as a way to get in contact with one’s deep nature and observe patterns in order to stimulate a dialogue between art practice and life, supporting a process of integration.  

23 June 2018 – 11:00-17:00
Introduction Workshop 4
Topic: Blood circulation.
The blood circulation is a cyclic system of the blood pumping away from the heart, transforming as it travels, reaching to the whole of the body through different and further channels, coming back to the heart to complete its cycle. This 2 ways system from and to the heart and its vital function of giving and receiving as a whole complete cycle is a complex yet essential system that can give us great insight about our individual dance, way of interaction and performative skills.

Initiators and Teachers: Marisa Grande and Iris van Peppen
Location: Studio 3 Utrecht
Single workshop € 60,-