March 23 & 24: Artistic Laboratory

ELAP Artistic Laboratory 
Open to experienced artists/performers that like to be exposed to the artistic vision of Iris van Peppen and Marisa Grande and engage in their artistic investigation.

Nurturing our wilderness
Our body is a landscape and a map that can bring us back to our undomesticated nature, the wilderness in us!A place where we can feel the pulsation of life and we can remember our purpose.
The Mind breathing, pulsating, flowing in the Body.

You will play with a wide spectrum of movement exploration immediately placed in the context of expression and relation.Relation is a keyword: everything relates to everything, ‘ro be in relation to’ brings relaxation and releases expression.
You will play with a deep physicality and touch to awake a simple and direct movement language.Movement, text, writing will be used for the artistic investigation as a way to map and re-write your bodies!

March 23 & 24 – Marisa Grande
May 25 & 26 with Iris van Peppen
10.30 – 17.30 o’clock
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht
€120,- / *€80,-
Both artistic lab weekends: €220,- / *€140,-
* for dance professionals with a degree or dance students in Bachelor or Master. Please send a cv.