Marisa Grande is a dance and theater professional for over 30 years coming from a solid background of somatics. Teaching Improvisation as a methodology is her pure strength. Marisa’s crisp knowledge of embodied anatomy and applied philosophy to dance is taking the exploration of the mover into a deeper and more meaningful dimension.
In her career she has been teaching, guiding and coaching dancers, actors and musicians with a remarkable precision and depth, having a keen eye of what is present and relevant for the process of the individual in relation to the group. Marisa’s artistic work is transforming the individual and the group through a process of integration of multi-disciplines, community and nature into ‘the performative’; pioneering in the art of dance-documentary.
More information about Marisa: www.marisagrande.com


Iris van Peppen is a full dancer and a committed choreographer. Her passion for the pure movement and its articulation into performance inspires all her endeavours in the field of contemporary dance. Her long teaching experience based on release technique and somatics is implemented and integrated in her performance projects, from site specific to stage work. Her dance work and vision is rooted into improvisation and expands from there. Iris’ unique quality of reading, embracing and initiating is visible in her teaching as well as in all the many dance events she has been able to hold as a founder of the Contemporary Dance Platform. Her authenticity and uncompromising dedication is rooted in the full trust of movement as a complete language, an inspiration that she is skilfully sharing with all the many students, dancers and colleagues of her ever growing community.
More information about Iris van Peppen: www.irisvanpeppen.com / www.dansimprovisatie.com