These workshops are directed to singers and musicians who are curious and like to dive into a bodily experience. They are not meant to investigate the musical aspect but instead, it is a time and a space for musicians to work with their body and see from there how they meet their voice as an expression of a bodily state or their musical instrument as an object in relation to their own perceived body.

WORKSHOP 1 – Sunday 5 February 2023
Front and Back Body & Front and BackSpace

In this workshop, we will meet and explore the front and back body in our own body and our own experience.
Through touch and movement exploration, visualization and imagination we will set in motion a laboratory for exploration.
From the body, we will come to meet the front and back space making the space available and tangible in its quality of support. This relation between body and space will become the foundation for play.

WORKSHOP 2 – Sunday 19 March 2023
Middle Body & The Central Axis – Being in Time
In this workshop, we will meet and explore the middle body through the central vertical organization as inner spatial support.
With the use of images and somatization, into hands-on and movement we will find our way to our core and how to be and move from it.
Being in our core will be explored in relation to time, and how time is experienced from this perspective.

WORKSHOP 3 – Sunday 14 May 2023
Horizontal Diaphragmatic Support & the Voluminous Body
In this workshop, we will meet and explore the three cavities in our body and their connection through horizontal diaphragmatic support.
Meeting the tridimensionality of our cavities of skull, ribcage, and pelvis and exploring their relationship, we will focus on the thoracic and pelvic diaphragms as our support for a voluminous body.

The content is based on embryology and cellular tissue from a BMC perspective and its implication in a moving body.
SUNDAYS 10.30 – 17.30 hours