We need your help. We are still recovering from the impact that COVID had on us, having to cover rent from this period and expenses for the maintenance of our studio. We had to paint the studio after 8 years of use and carry out some repairments.
Maybe you know ELAP Center located in Studio 3 in Utrecht? It was founded by Marisa Grande and Iris van Peppen. We offer over 20 years of training in somatic movement, real-time composition, workshops, and events such as performances in and around Utrecht.
Now we have merged with ELAP Center. This is the place to be for somatic integration practices.
If you see the importance of such a place in the NL – even if you haven’t yet trained with us – please support ELAP Center with your donation.
Do you carry a warm heart for embodied practices which in the current time is so essential for humanity?
All help is appreciated, THANK YOU SO MUCH!