The ELAP trajectory consists of six modules + one from Thursday to Monday. 

Each module has a topic in which different body systems are combined to experience and understand full integration of the body moving.
In ELAP we will work with the following three pillars:

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1. Somatic Practice

The somatic exploration is a practice of moving the attention into the body as a whole self-organised intelligent organism.

Cellular awareness is fundamental and underlying all the somatic exploration.

It is a process of decentralization of the ‘self’ that allows meeting a system and tapping into its quality. 

We can gently direct our mind to meet a specific tissue or body system. The exploration is supported by the use of anatomical images and hands-on practice to help visualize and sense a system after which embodiment takes place.

Embodiment is direct experience and direct knowing, it is the awareness of the cells of themselves. In our approach embodiment reflects or expresses in presence and action.

This process of embodiment is what makes this practice highly experiential, validating each individual experience while creating a common ground for understanding. 

2. Creative Process

Embodiment finds its way to the creative process.

The emerging Mind of a system is manifesting in the body moving, widening and deepening the movement experience. 

Observation and reflection of the movement practice based on embodiment sets the playground for learning and exchanging with others, feeding back into the movement expression and its articulation. 

In this process imagination arises from the physicality and the kinesthetic experience, encompassing narratives of space and time, which are feeding back into movement.

3. (Instant) Composition

Composition in movement or dance is the organization of material in time & space. 

Material is everything that is available meaning movement, sound etc.
All body systems have their own unique organization of material in time & space and therefore its composition and its poetry. 

When gaining an awareness of different systems, how they communicate and their composition we also gain a huge palet of vocabulary and layering that brings a deep insight for performance, artistic practices, coaching, teaching or being in other dynamic systems.