What is ELAP Center?



ELAP Center is a place dedicated to the integration of somatics and real time composition.
ELAP stands for Embodied Life Art Program and sees the body as a whole intelligent organism and the departure for learning.
The program consist of weekly classes, workshops and series and the ELAP Trajectory.

ELAP Trajectory:

  • consists out of 7 modules of 40 hours each (5 full days from Thursday to Monday) starting on March 18, 2021 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Offers experiential learning for the integration of knowledge through embodiment and composition;
  • Combines the somatic practice with artistic practice and a performative context

Composition in real time reveals strategies and patterns. Besides, it offers the opportunity to experience how to navigate within our environment.

The program supports a process of integration by looking at one’s growth, and stimulates the dialogue between art and life.

The current trajectory runs until the end of 2023.
Stay updated for our introductory workshops or contact us.

Location: Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584 AD Utrecht, The Netherlands